Make me mad with Thy love

Words: Extract from ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’

Music: Naren


Sweet is Thy name

O Rèfuge of the humble!

It falls like sweetest nectar on our ears

And comforts us

Beloved of our souls!


Oh Mother, make me mad with Thy love

What need have I for knowledge or reason?

Here in this world this madhouse of Thine

Some laugh some weep some dance for joy

Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga

All are drunk with the wine of Thy love

Oh Mother, when shall I be blessed?

By joining Their blissful company?

Make me mad with Thy love


The priceless treasure of Thy name alone

Is the abode of Immortality

And he who chants Thy name

Becomes immortal




Make me drunk with Thy love’s Wine

O Thou who stealest Thy bhaktas’ hearts

Drown me deep in the Sea of Thy love



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